AllZ Wallet™ can be used at cafes, restaurants, cinemas, fashion outlets, sports stores, convenience outlets, hair saloons, hotels, travel and tour agencies, car rentals, supermarkets, petrol stations and much more. AllZ Wallet™ is fully compatible with all major versions of Android and iOS smartphones and mobile devices. Look out for our AllzWallet™ sign at popular shopping destinations, tourists attractions, universities and more!

  • QR Code

    Authorise payments in a currency of your own selection in AllZ Wallet™ using User Generated QR Codes for convenient payment experience.

  • Major Payment Providers

    Choose your desired payment providers like Baidu, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Jingdong, UnionPay, VISA, Mastercard and others with AllZ Wallet™.

  • One Look Control

    The easy-to-understand interface in AllZ Wallet™ is designed to give you better awareness and control over your mobile payments.

  • Instant Notification

    AllZ Wallet™ keeps you notified every step of the way, from payment request to approval.

  • Wide Compatibility

    AllZ Wallet™ is compatible with every major smartphone using Android OS or Apple iOS.

  • Full Support

    Need help? We’re only a call away. We got you covered with our toll free 24 X 7 support.


AllZ Wallet™

AllZ Wallet™ is a convenient, innovative and flexible digital wallet that can store and manage multi-currency for use in cross-border payments and such.

    Gain respectable recognition as a smart and savvy consumer with AllZ Wallet™. Enjoy privileges and benefits, personalised offers and loyalty programs tailored to meet your specific need.
    AllZ Wallet™ gives you superior convenience and control, combined with rewarding offers, loyalty programs, digital vouchers and much more – right from your smartphone or mobile device.
    Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that every AllZ Wallet™ payment and transaction is securely authenticated and designed with anti-fraud and theft measures.
    AllZ Wallet™ keeps track of every payment transaction, everywhere, at any time and helps you keep tables on all your payments, abroad or at home.
    Traveling? Make payments in your own native currency without having to worry about unnecessarily converting to local currency. AllZ Wallet™ supports RMB, MYR, and major currencies worldwide.
    Every major version of Android OS and Apple OS is supported. AllZ Wallet™ is available on Google Play and Apple Store.


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